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Your son is turning thirteen. Your daughter is almost twelve. It’s time for their mitzvahs, to welcome them into adulthood. As if you aren’t nervous enough about your child becoming a teenager and all that goes with that, you worry if you have taught them enough to be responsible for themselves and for understanding Jewish law. And, you have to plan the celebration. Oh, the planning.

You might choose to take your child on a unique trip, or you might throw a big party at your mitzvah’s grandmother’s country club. You’ve got enough to think about. Once you’ve picked a venue for the party, we can help with the festivities planning. We’ve got a number of packages you can choose from that combine a DJ or two, a master of ceremonies, a laser light show, and a photographer with music (of course) for an unforgettable celebration.

If you have a selection of music you want us to play, just let us know and we’d be happy to work that in for you. We’ll play as long during the party as you want us to. The music doesn’t have to stop until you’re ready for it to stop. Your daughter can dance away to Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” at her bat mitzvah with all of her friends, or your son can finally ask that cute little redhead to dance.

During the festivities, if you want to have a quieter time for meals or toasting, we can arrange for a different type of music to be played then. Our goal is make sure you’re totally satisfied with the event. Whether you want to host your seudat mitzvah at the same time as the party or hold the two separately, we’ll help you coordinate all of the party festivities so your son or daughter will be feted like the member of royalty he or she is.

Think of it now – a computerized laser light show, synchronized with the help of a mixer to be in perfect time to the music. It’s better than any of your neighbor’s brilliant holiday light displays. We can even add smoke or fog for a spectacular effect. Think of it now – it’ll be like the grandest entrance to the big football game with smoke and lights. Your child can pick out his or her own theme song. Trust us when we say no one will be forgetting this party any time soon.

If younger ones will be attending the party, ask us about bringing kid-friendly entertainment like cartoon characters or choosing a different music collection.

So ask us about our mitzvah packages – we’d love to help you with the planning, and to take some stress away from you. Mazel tov!