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Perfect Lighting for Every Party

You might remember the colored lights at your prom that looked like colored plastic wrap placed over a light that only shined a single color spotlight on just one place. Lights now are much more sophisticated, yet they remain quite affordable to rent. Some are even Earth-friendly, since they run on LED technology, meaning they don’t draw much energy to run.

Want to cover the room in light? We can do that, in just about any color you can think of, or we can divide the room and run multiple colored lights in each of those subsections. Our new LED cans are much cooler than their incandescent ancestors, so the room won’t get overheated during the party. At least, not from the lights.

LED lighting also has the capacity to display more than one color per fixture, which can make for some really intriguing patterns. No matter the size of the room, we have a lighting option available for you.

Later in the festivities, if you have a speaker making an appearance, or you want to have a series of toasts proposed, you can ask for a solo spotlight to be aimed at the microphone. We can place this at the back of the room so the fixture itself will be out of the way until the moment arrives.

We offer lighting as a part of all of our packages, or you can select lighting to go with your DJ as a customized part of your party planning. We can change the colors of the lights to change the mood, or coordinate the lights to move in patterns that match the music.

Got a special person you are honoring at the party? Imagine the look on his or her face when his/her initials appear on the wall in lights. For a teenage kid, it’s their moment to feel like Batman being summoned. For the junior astronaut in your life, you can ask for our star lights feature. You’ll be the hero of your child’s party.

For a more elegant look, you can do scroll patterns in light on the floor. This looks great for formal dances at weddings or proms. Plus, we have everything in between. Our lights can be synchronized to run in concert with the music, all controlled by a box or laptop computer.

Want some fancy effects? We can add strobes, mirrored balls, and smoke. It’ll turn any party into the hottest club on the block. The smoke can add mystery or turn a kid’s party into an adventure.

So ask us about adding lights to your next party. We can talk about the various types of lighting options, explore what your party will entail, and make the right recommendation for you.